The Territory’s iconic natural and cultural areas are still NOT protected from shale gas fracking activities, despite NT Government claims. For example, the water recharge zone for the Mataranka Hot Springs is already approved for fracking exploration. Arnhem Land is under application and ongoing pressure from the NT Government, while most of the Roper River Catchment, a world class fishing area, is already approved for shale gas exploration fracking.

Please check out and zoom into this online interactive map that shows the dark orange areas in the Territory as already approved for oil and gas exploration, while the light orange areas are under application by oil and gas companies that want the rights to frack. This information is all based on the NT Government’s own mapping, showing 85% of the NT is under exploration licence or application for oil and gas.

If you are looking for more information about the Northern Territory’s approach to shale gas fracking, and more about the science and impacts, please read this excellent May 2016 report by environmental science masters and Darwin Rural Area resident Pauline Cass: What environmental, social and economic impacts will hydraulic fracturing (fracking) for shale gas have on the Northern Territory? 

Or, read more about the NT under threat and read more about the Frack Free NT Alliance.

Watch and share our inspirational Call to Action for the Northern Territory featuring Traditional Owners from Maningrida and Borroloola who are standing up to protect their country from fracking….