NT Protect Country Alliancekeeping the Territory’s land, water and communities frack free

The NT Protect Country Alliance is a coalition of landholders, communities and civil society groups. We are concerned about oil and gas fracking proposals or projects in the Northern Territory.

In July 2018, community representatives from across the Beetaloo sub-Basin and beyond supported the initiative for a formalised alliance.

The Alliance includes delegates from gasfield targeted regions of the NT. It aims to unite and amplify the voices of impacted regions in the battle to protect land, water and communities from fracking gasfields.

The Alliance provides the opportunity for knowledge and resource sharing. It supports landholders, businesses and communities working to protect their regions. A coalition of independent scientific, legal and health experts provide help to increase scrutiny of government and company fracking plans.

The development of the Alliance follows a 5-year campaign to protect the NT from fracking gasfields. Concerned community members successfully campaigned for a moratorium on the process of hydraulic fracturing. This was implemented by the Gunner Government whilst a Scientific Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracturing was undertaken.

The Inquiry found, “For a significant majority of the people participating in the Inquiry, the overwhelming consensus was that hydraulic fracturing for onshore shale gas in the NT is not safe, is not trusted and is not wanted.”

The report also states, “Aboriginal people from regional communities who made submissions to the Panel almost universally expressed deep concern about, and strong opposition to, the development of any onshore shale gas industry on their country”.

Despite the concerns, the Northern Territory Government lifted the moratorium on fracking in April 2018.

The Final Inquiry Report contains 135 recommendations that must take place. 31 recommendations must be completed before any further exploration fracking activities take place in the NT.

Gas companies are saying they plan to start fracking for shale oil and gas in the Territory again in early 2019.

The work of the Alliance is in response to ongoing community concerns about the risks from fracking to water, health, climate, communities and culture.

The Alliance will meet regularly by phone, in regional meetings and as community-based actions groups.

The NT Protect Country Alliance invites landholders, communities and civil society groups to join. You can help protect the Territory from invasive fracking and industrial gas fields.

How can I get involved?

1. Join the NT Protect Country Alliance

2. Call your local member of NT Parliament and let them know that you have
joined the NT Frack Free Alliance because you believe fracking is risky,

polluting, invasive, unnecessary and should not go ahead in the NT.

3. Like the “Don’t Frack the Territory” facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/DontFrackTheTerritory/
Raymond Dixon, Barkly regional delegate for the Alliance Miliwanga Wurrben, Roper Region delegate for the Alliance
“As the Gunner Government rushes to facilitate new fracking activity, a strong voice for our communities will be more important than ever to unite our regions and protect our land and water.” “Our Indigenous cultures tell us how to care for the land, the water, the plants, animals and each-other. Through the Alliance we will share this knowledge and offer support to any community at risk of fracking.”