The Termite Mounds near Mandorah: under threat from Fracking

The Termite Mounds near Wagait Beach: under threat from Fracking

Cox Peninsula:

UPDATE: Thanks to strong community pressure, the NT Government has had to take note of our concerns! For the time being, the fracking application EP255 has been refused and we are not currently living under the threat of a fracking gasfield.

You can zoom in to have a look at the 85% of the Territory still under threat on this excellent online map:

Where are we? On the northern coast of the Northern Territory is the Cox Peninsula, on the west side of Darwin Harbour. It is home to coastal vine forests, tidal lagoons, freshwater wetlands. Fauna include wallabies, rare birds and some of the best fishing in the Top End.

Who are we? There are two main residential areas on the North Cox Peninsula, the rural blocks of Wagait Beach and the indigenous community at Belyuen.We are scientists, artists, professionals, parents, workers and citizens.

What do we think? We think  it outrageous that an area with the unique environmental features of the Cox Peninsula could be damaged for corporate mining profit.  Our drinking water supply would be put at risk by experimental and incredibly risky extraction techniques such as fracking. The NT has a very weak regulatory framework. As landowners we do not have to be advised that an application for exploration is being considered over our land.  We are not able to prevent exploration on our land. We can object but there are time limits.  We think that is weak protection.  We think that is bad law!

What are we doing about it? Don’t Frack The Cox was set up by  residents to oppose the granting of EP 255. Wagait Shire Council was presented with this presentation on the environmental threats to Cox Peninsula of fracking, since then they have become keen advocates against fracking in our community.  The Wagait Shire Council was the first in the NT to pass an anti fracking resolution in November 2013.  In February 2015 they passed a resolution calling on the NT government to declare the North Cox Peninsula a Gas Reservation zone as they have done with Darwin and Palmerston.  We’ll keep everyone posted on the outcome of that.

Thoughts on the Hawke report: We made a DFTC submission and met with Dr Hawke as part of the enquiry last year. Like others we are disappointed in the final report that makes a few very serious, very wrong assumptions. One, that fracking can be made safe in the tropics [or anywhere]. Two, that there is political will to impose and enforce a strict regulatory framework in the NT.

EP255 Update: We are still waiting for the gazetting of EP255 which would allow for exploration across the Cox Peninsula and beyond.  It will be announced in a Wednesday edition of the NT News and the Koori mail.  We are told by staff at the Department of Energy and Mines that the long delay is because part of the area is being considered as a Gas Reservation Zone. Once the claim is gazetted there is 2 months for residents to object.  Details of how to do it and timeframes etc. will be on this web page.  If you hear about the gazetting- please make sure we do too! Contact us via email or Facebook.

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Or check out Don’t Frack The Cox Facebook page and connect up with others determined to see the Cox free of fracking.

Don't Frack Beautiful Wagait Beach!

Don’t Frack Beautiful Wagait Beach!