It’s time! In coming days, the Gunner Government will be deciding if they will lift moratorium on fracking.

Many Government reps are still sitting on the fence. You need to help convince them to choose clean water over fracking pollution. Help remind them you want to protect water, our communities and our existing industries from fracking gasfields.


Call the NT Ministers who will make the decision. Politicians know that for every call they get, there are at least another 100 people who care. So, this is you chance to multiply your impact by 100.

Call and leave a short message with these critical decision makers:

Energy Minister Ken Vowles 08 8999 6620

Treasurer Nicole Manison 08 8999 6795

Environment Minister Lauren Moss 08 8999 6343

Health Minister Natasha Fyles 08 8999 6743

Chief Minister Michael Gunner 08 8936 5500

All you need to do is pick up the phone – it’s easy and incredibly powerful.

Remember to be polite. Here are some simple talking points that you can use:

  • Hi there, my name is [your name], and I’m calling from [your location] today to ask for a permanent ban on fracking in the Territory.
  • I’d like you to pass this message on to the Minister.
  • I know that fracking pollutes and uses vast amounts of water. Every stage of the fracking process comes with risks that we don’t need to take. We already have plenty of gas in the Territory.  
  • I stand with other Territorians including Aboriginal communities, pastoralists and tourism operators in calling for a permanent ban. We want to protect our water, our health and our existing industries.
  • Other states and countries have banned fracking, and it’s the right thing to do.
  • Thank you for your time.


Use this handy email tool to email your representative in Parliament directly.