Bevan O’Keefe & Friends in the Pilliga

25th November- Pilliga CSG Gasfield, NSW:

Shocking insights into the way that the gas industry has torn apart communities and landscapes in gasfield regions as we travel through from Western QLD to Central NSW.
But we’ve also been inspired by stories from successful frontline campaigns like that in the Pilliga region where Traditional owners, farmers and residents are working together to keep Santos from advancing gasfield plans.

We’ve also heard of the critical role that neighbour to neighbour conversations have had in protecting North-West NSW, with local communities completing 300,000+ gasfield-free surveys, uniting people and demonstrating how strong opposition to invasive gas is across the region.

We’re fired up to take our messages, and those that we’ve collected along the way, straight to federal representatives in Canberra this coming week!

23rd November- Queensland coal seam gasfields, Chinchilla:

Over the last two days we have witnessed hundreds of gas wells littering landscapes, floodplains and farmland, huge dams filled with contaminated water, noisy processing plants, thousands of kilometres of pipelines and land cleared for gas pads and infrastructure throughout the gasfields region. The experience of seeing and hearing about the impacts from local residents who, in many cases have been forced to leave their homes and the region because of the gas industry, is truly shocking.

Gadrian Hoosan from Borroloola in the NT’s Gulf country talks to a Chinchilla landholder as we travel through the Qld gasfields.