Jemena admission: NEGI pipeline for export gas

Media Release, 11 December 2015

Today’s pipeline deadline highlights Jemena admission: NEGI pipeline for export gas

As the formal deadline closes today for public submissions into the EPA’s Terms of Reference for the proposed Northern Gas Pipeline from Tennant Creek to Mt Isa, stakeholders are demanding to know why Territorians weren’t told the pipeline would be for export gas and would rely on NT fracking gasfields.

Submission by national advocacy group Lock the Gate Alliance, highlights that Jemena’s managing director Paul Adams told Sydney media last week, “The NEGI line would likely supply gas for the LNG export projects”.

Mr Adams said in an earlier press release that the NEGI pipeline provided a “catalyst to fast track development of the NT’s gas fields”.

“Territorians deserves to get the full story from the pipeline company Jemena and the NT Government, that this pipeline is all about exporting our gas to Asia using risky and invasive fracking gasfields,” said Naomi Hogan of the Lock the Gate Alliance.

“44 million hectares of land across the Territory is already approved for onshore shale gas fracking, mostly without the community having a say.

“Have the people of the Territory been asked if we want to open up the Territory for tens of thousands of fracked gas wells to send the gas offshore to Asia through this proposed pipeline?

“I’m hearing time and time again that NT residents want the government to take a breath and start consulting about this gas pipeline idea with full information.

“In our submission, we’ve requested the full cumulative impacts of the pipeline be considered, including the impacts of the thousands of gas wells they will need to frack to keep this gas pipeline going long term.

“We’re also concerned about the pollution risks from leaking gas wells, the short construction time meaning little employment outcomes, earthquake risks near Tennant Creek, and the mental health risks of Fly in Fly out work camps.

“It’s disappointing the NT Government is expecting community members to spend this busy pre-Christmas season writing to the EPA about the pipeline,” she said.

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