photo-16In November 2013, a group of concerned Katherine citizens met and discussed the pending threat of shale gas exploration and development to the Northern Territory.

The importance of protecting our land, water and air was recognised and Don’t Frack Katherine was born. The objective of the group is to protect the Daly Basin and Big Rivers region from the onslaught of the unconventional gas industry.

Katherine is surrounded by largely untouched and pristine savannahs, heavenly thermal springs, picturesque gorges, stunning waterfalls and beautiful tropical rivers. We experience tropical seasonal changes: a cool dry, followed by a rather warm and humid buildup, and then monsoonal weather, heavy rains and flooding.

The main industries of the areas surrounding Katherine are beef cattle and tropical fruit. Every dry season, when the weather has cooled, masses of tourists flock through to see for themselves, the rugged ancient and pristine beauty of our country, and to experience the world’s oldest living culture.

Edith_falls_resizeThe big rivers that snake across the northern parts of the Territory, are spring fed from large aquifers, which in turn are recharged during wet season rains through the vast black soil flats, karst limestone caves and numerous sinkholes that are found all around the region, and where oil and gas companies have begun exploration drilling.

Community concerns

We are concerned that the development of an industrialised landscape, the high number of invasive wells required to drain these unconventional gasfields, the extensive water usage and a self regulated industry outside of the NT Water Act, in itself will have detrimental and devastating effect on our living rivers and our much envied lifestyle.

Don’t Frack Katherine aims to raise awareness of the various risks associated with industry activities, and to promote and highlight the importance of self education. We believe people need to take interest in the issue that our beloved Territory faces, and that they should conduct their own research in order to make an educated opinion.


The group has been a strong presence in Katherine, conducting information sessions and fundraising events, have presented at various forums and hold stalls at the community markets and local show.

Formal meetings are held once a month on a Thursday evening. We also hold informal get togethers for brainstorming and discussions. Over the dry season we can be found at the Katherine Community Markets, held at Ryan Park on Saturday mornings.

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