Look out: The Growling Grannies against Gas have launched!

Look out fracking companies and friends in the NT Government – the Top End’s Growling Grannies are coming your way – and they’re not happy that you’ve been selling off their Country in the Northern Territory for risky fracking.

The Growling Grannies are grandmothers from remote communities across the Territory targeted for fracking. They are seeking a meeting with the NT Government and the Northern Land Council to tell them that fracking harms Country, clean water and the health of their future generations, and they won’t stand for it!

“We are giving a warning to the Government. Stop now, turn around. We might be old ladies but we know what we’re doing. We have fought hard all our lives. And we’ve got our young people to back us up too because we’ve been teaching them to look after the Country properly. Someone should teach the Chief Minister the right way, not to sell off other people’s land for damaging mining. That’s not our culture, it’s the wrong way to go.”.             Nancy McDinny, Borroloola.

Mining contaminates the land, and fracking is a new form of mining that is even worse for our water. We want our children to have a better future than what the Government and mining companies are offering, where they can live and hunt off the land as we have done for thousands of generations before. Why spoil it for a few dollars? We don’t want any fracking in Arnhem Land and the gas miners better watch out for us deadly grannies!”        Barbara Wauchope, Gunbalanya.

The Growling Grannies are Helen Williams (Maningrida), Barbara Wauchope (Gunbalanya), Molly Yarrngu (Croker Is), Nancy McDinny (Borroloola). Collectively they have 266 years experience fighting for Country – don’t mess with them!

Now recruiting! If you’re a Growling Granny or know a deadly grandmother who could be part of the team, why not get in touch at frackfreent@gmail.com?

The Growling Grannies against Gas are part of a growing movement of grandmothers standing up for their future generations against damaging fracking. We pay tribute to the hard work of the Knitting Nannas against Gas before us who have used their wisdom to help stop fracking in communities right across Australia.

Coming soon… Keep an eye out for more Growling Grannies short films soon!