Media Alert: “Stick to your guns and ban fracking” Territorians urge Labor delegates

MEDIA ALERT                                                                                                             12 FEBRUARY 2016

“Stick to your guns and ban fracking” Territorians urge Labor delegates 

Delegates attending the NT Labor conference this Saturday morning will be met with a public assembly of concerned Territorians calling for a ban on development of the fracking industry.

The issue is anticipated to be a flashpoint debate at the conference with the party split on the issue of how long a ban on fracking should last.

WHAT: Media interviews and photo opportunities with Frack-Free People’s Assembly participants lobbying conference delegates, including community members from areas targeted for fracking, supported by Darwin residents.

WHEN: 8.45am Saturday 13 February

WHERE: Outside the Darwin Entertainment Centre, 93 Mitchell Street, Darwin.

Darwin diesel mechanic Dave Eldridge said “Territory communities on the frontline of the NT Government’s fracking plans urge Labor leader Michael Gunner to ‘stick to his guns, and ban fracking’.

“Mr Gunner needs to give voters an alternative to the CLP’s reckless support for the fracking industry at the ballot box this year.”

Lauren Mellor of the Territory Frack Free Alliance said “While Labor’s recent shift on this issue towards support for a moratorium is welcome, what Territorians will be insisting on at the conference is a commitment to a five year pause, and a peer reviewed inquiry into the mounting evidence that fracking harms water, land, the climate and people’s health.”

“Anything less than a commitment to a five year ban on the fracking industry would fall well short of the expectations of Territorians.”

A five year moratorium on any development of the shale gas industry would allow critical studies into its possible effects on our groundwater, public health and economy to be undertaken or considered.

New pre-election polling shows that opposition to fracking is not just coming from the bush electorates directly targeted by gas exploration, but is also shared by an overwhelming majority of voters in Darwin electorates concerned about fracking’s impacts on our water supplies and pastoral stations.

The recent poll also proves both major parties risk losing seats to Independents and minor parties that already have a strong stance against fracking.



Dave Eldridge, Territory Frack Free Alliance, 0427 297 211

Lauren Mellor, Territory Frack Free Alliance, 0413 534 125