Pause on FIFO frackers a win for the Territory

Media Release 29 Feb 2016

Pause on FIFO frackers a win for the Territory

East Coast based fracking company Pangea’s pause on 2016 operations is being called a win for common sense, to ensure long term Territory jobs are not put at risk by a marginal company and their fly in fly out (FIFO) workers.
The news comes as tens of thousands of jobs are being slashed from the struggling oil and gas sector across Australia.
Katherine resident Charmaine Roth said, “Fracking is financially marginal and puts our water supplies at risk, which is probably why the company is running as soon as the thought of a possible moratorium and proper environmental studies has come up.”
“The Labor Moratorium on fracking is finally the go slow button that the CLP promised but didn’t actually hit.
“Pangea was fracking through the Tindall aquifer groundwater supply, which has already been vastly over allocated by NT Government, without needing to report how much water they were using or telling us where the toxic waste was going.”
“It’s common sense that Territorians should have a chance to get the on ground impacts properly assessed, instead of putting water at risk for the sake of a few FIFO workers.
“Now is the perfect time to be looking at long term sustainable industries that will create jobs for locals and new long term residents without being detrimental to our land or water supplies,” she said.
Naomi Hogan from Lock the Gate NT said, “Across Australia, oil and gas companies are winding down and pulling up due to lower global prices, so it’s no surprise that Pangea is running back down South and not wanting to spend money on exploration and their FIFO workers.”
“Fracking is a bad bet for jobs, as the oil and gas sector is in crisis and slashing tens of thousands of jobs in Australia.
“Last year NT fracking operators were already scaling back due to the low oil price, only drilling 6 sites instead of their planned 25*.
“Pangea hasn’t even announced any proven gas reserves in the Territory, so the only talk of compensation should be from Territory landholders with damage and disturbance to their properties as a result of this industry.
“It’s time to look to jobs rich industries in the Territory that support locals for the long term, like tourism, food, renewable energy production,” she said.
Contact: Charmaine Roth, Katherine resident, 0488 195 415

Naomi Hogan, Lock the Gate NT, 0401 650 411
*NT Govt figures regarding onshore gas in decline in 2015, attached.


The oil and gas industry is slashing jobs across Australia and internationally due to to a global glut and record low prices

Shell which now owns half QLD LNG cutting 10,000 jobs locally
Santos has cut 565 jobs over the last year, with another 1000 contractors to go
Last August Origin announced it would slash 800 jobs after is share price was “slaughtered”
In WA, Chevron slashed 1200 jobs